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Calling All Artists
Hey everyone!
Guess who hasn't  updated in forever but is gonna ask somethin' of y'all anywayyy?
As most of you would know, I am a student.
For one of my classes we've been challenged to address a fear in the United States - though my selected fear applies to pretty much all of the world.
Ignorance in and of the Media.
What is it? Well, what would you think?
Lies, Propaganda, Twisting Words to get a juicy story, trash talking other celebrities or political opponents, etc etc.
For my assignment, I wanted to address it in the way that I know best - through art.
I wanted to get artists interpretation on the serious damage that media can cause - whether it be on celebrities or just people every day. It can be through news stations or how the music industries address their employees. It can be literally anything involved in the media.
It's a stretch to ask. I know it is.
No one's getting paid. But art is such a powerful tool, that impact people in so many ways t
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Pen Names
Hey everyone!
I know, I know... It's been a long time since I've updated. Ouch. Sorry.
But I've got a question for all of you!
How did you guys come up with your usernames (I like to call them Pen Names)?
What inspired you to come up with them?
Comment your answers below, I'm curious!
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[ Imp-H ] End of the Night by InASingleMoment [ Imp-H ] End of the Night :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 7 5 Introductions and Waltzing by InASingleMoment Introductions and Waltzing :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 4 2
sunday mornings | atsushi nakajima
Bungou Stray Dogs | Atsushi Nakajima
So much fluff. So. Much. FLUFF.
Headcanons & Song Used Located In Description.
I highly recommend listening to the song when you read.
Sunday morning, rain is falling
Steal some covers, share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in

Life with Atsushi was fairly calm in its own right.
With the hectic life back at his office, coming home to you was a vacation. You possessed no ability, and worked in a fairly active environment on your own. You had visited his work on occasion, and saw what chaos he went through on a regular basis. It helped you understand why he wanted to spend your days off indoors. Sunday's were usually your days off, the two of you spending the time with one another. Waking up on Sunday mornings was your favorite time in the week. A change in the patterns of the other weekdays, where the mornings were serene.
Like this time.
The rain pattered against the windo
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cantankerous | ryuunosuke akutagawa
Bungou Stray Dogs | Ryuunosuke Akutagawa
Lots of Violence. Language. Jealousy. Mentions of Intense Injuries. Aggressive Kisses.
Headcanons Used Created by Bakahara-Chuuya.Tumblr
Being the main medic of the Port Mafia, you had learned very quickly on how to adapt to each members personality.
For some, this adaptation was just to get by - many of them had the mentality of "I'm only here to get treatment. Don't say anything unless you have to". For others, this helped create a healthy friendship between you and they.
For a certain common / reoccurring patient of yours, Ryuunosuke Akutagawa, your patience and head-strong personality allowed something a little more to blossom. The Port Mafia was baffled how you managed to handle the 'Lone Wolf' so well, and get him to actually behave in your presence. It took many visits to your wing of the base for him to understand that you did not give a damn if he did not want your help, you were the doctor and he was going to get his fucking
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petulant | chuuya nakahara
Bungou Stray Dogs | Chuuya Nakahara
Language. Mentions of Suicide (Dazai being a dork, mainly). Aggressive Kisses. Jealousy. Mentions of Sexual Situations.
Read the Description for Head-canons Used & Their Source.
All words to describe Chuuya Nakahara's feelings towards Osamu Dazai.
But right now? He straight up wanted to murder the man.
Now this was not unusual given their history with one another and the hate that boiled between them. Not at all, each meeting was an explosive waiting to go off. Right now, that feeling was multiplied tenfold.
Well. He was touching you.
You were his treasure, that he always had with him - besides his beloved hat of course. You were his significant other, and right now you were having a delightful time having a conversation with the person he hated most. Being Chuuya's girlfriend, you were well aware of your boyfriends distaste for the former mafia member - he bitched to you every other da
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[Imph-H :: App] Azure Arlovsk by InASingleMoment [Imph-H :: App] Azure Arlovsk :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 3 2
chasing cars | ayato kirishima
Tokyo Ghoul | Ayato Kirishima
Language + SERIOUS Depressing/Self-Deprecating Thoughts/Anxiety

If you have Anxiety/Depression., PLEASE BE CAREFUL READING THIS.

We'll do it all. Everything - On our own.
We don't need anything... or anyone

He knew you could not handle that voice that screamed in your head. That told you so many horrible things; that you were weak, that you were worthless. That you only got to where you are because of pity or because of him. Nothing he said could change those thoughts in your head - he could only hold your hand as the waves of sobs and violent shaking took over your body. You always told him you did not need to hold his hand, that you did not need anyone to help you. You were too prideful. He was too.
If I lay here ... If I just lay here...
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
I don't quite know how to say how I feel.
Those three words are said too much... they're not enough

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Eto Yoshimura by InASingleMoment Eto Yoshimura :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 5 0 Official Tumblr!! by InASingleMoment Official Tumblr!! :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 1 0
blessings | aph hetalia
    ▹APH Hetalia
    ▹Language, Mild Violence, Corruption
    ▹This is not a reader insert
    ▹Request by Rits27 | Part One of Four
If there was one thing that the personification of Lithuania was, it was responsible. In his work and in his relations, he did what he could to make sure everyone around him was pleased and happy – a bit of a challenge with a boss that seemed a tad power-hungry for his taste. Still, Toris did what he could to fulfill the responsibilities that rested on his shoulders. It was rare that those responsibilities did not crush his poor body, with being the personification of the country and taking care of the other Baltics while obeying Russia.
 And yet, he seemed to have calm down this day.
The house was empty, the occupants having gone off to do whatever shenanigans that they did in their free time. It was early on that Toris knew not to ask what Russia / Ivan did in his free
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hair dye | kenma kozume

Kenma Kozume x Gender-Neutral! Reader | Haikyuu!
No warnings apply
Reader Dyes their hair regularly, and Temporarily lives with the Kozume's.
"Hey, Kenma?"
The setter looked up to his significant other, watching as their fingers held a section of his bleached hair. They inspected it as a detective would a crime scene, lacing the strands between their finger-tips smoothly. Kenma raised a brow to them, silently waiting for them to continue.
"When was the last time you dyed your hair?" They questioned him, ghosting their thumb up along the piece in their hand to where the blonde faded into black. Kenma had only really dyed it when he noticed it was getting too dark - or rather, when his significant other poked him about it.
"When was the last time you dyed your hair, [Name]?" He answered in question, reaching up and taking the hand of his companion. Shifting it away from his hair, he put it on top of their own head. The action cau
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Leader of the Whole Pack by InASingleMoment Leader of the Whole Pack :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 3 0 [Request] Kuki by InASingleMoment [Request] Kuki :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 1 3 [Request] Johnny Griffin by InASingleMoment
Mature content
[Request] Johnny Griffin :iconinasinglemoment:InASingleMoment 1 1



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